Floating free

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Sweet little floaty space track.

Closer Musik – one two three (no gravity)

Artist: Closer Musik
Album: Spielt 20 Jahre Kompakt
Released: 2013

via Simon Caldwell (sunset FBI, 94.5 Sydney, Australia)

Horns of Paradise

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Horns of Paradise : Ron Trammy Wilson

Racer : A genuine new thing

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Since working on Racer and launching it a few people have said, ‘oh it’s like such and such a game’ but I’m yet to find something that is truely as unique as this AND is in a browser. Racer is a multi-player, multi-device Chrome Experiment. A retro-style slot car game played across screens. On phones or tablets, Android or iOS. Anyone can join. No apps. No downloads. Just the mobile web. It’s now up for The FWA Cutting Edge Project of the Year. If you think it deserves it please cast a vote!


And if you’re interested here’s the making of video which goes into detail on why it was so tricky to build.

Here’s Racer being demo’d at Google I/O 2013 – live demos are always nerve wracking, thankfully this one went smoothly.


Also awesome and cutting edge is that there’s also an installation version that runs on the same code base as the mobile game. The table was at Google I/O 2013 and another Google event ‘Zeitgeist’. Here’s a couple of pics of the table:


In addition to the table version, there are two flight case boxes containing a line up of mobile devices ready to play. This version also runs on the same code base. Here’s a pic of the cases and me demo’ing it at Cannes 2013 in the Google tent :



One final plug to get your vote on if you like it thanks!

Crowd Sourced Music Video

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Neat idea via Monika for a crowd sourced music video, around 40K people have contributed so far. If you have a webcam you can throw your face C-Mon & Kypski’s music video

Astral Breeze – Francis Infernal Orchestra

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Great tune from Australian based Griffin James. If you have a soft spot for house check it out

It’s long been a favorite on FBI’s Sunset with Simon Caldwell.

Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen

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Pastor T.l. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir do their version of the traditional spiritual. Also check Louis Armstrong’s version. Edited: traditional spiritual, not Louis Armstrong original, thanks for the correction, @jedws.

DK played this on the latest Solid Steel, nothing like a sweet bit of gospel to wrap a set.

Autechre and the washing machine

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A little late to this one… It is timeless though. Someone that clearly understands Autechre.

Sunset with Simon Caldwell Featuring Herbert

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If deep boogie mechanics sound appealing, put this radio show in your headphones. Each set is available on-demand, so there’s days of delicious back catalogue listening.

Mathew Herbert is currently touring downunder so part of this week’s show ran chronologically through some of his tunes under various aliases… Highlights : the sweet synth/ high-hat (77 mins into the show). Herbert – Shuffler [Phono, 1996]:

Followed by this little number from Doctor Rockit ‎– Café De Flore (2000) around 80 minutes in:

Sunset with Simon Caldwell plays on FBI Radio 96.9 in Sydney Australia, Monday evenings.

Buy it:

JS Dubstep Generator

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So this is pretty cool. A dubstep generator

All time classic : Guy J – Lamur (Henry Saiz Remix)

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Be it in a a club or driving across the dessert at 100mph, epic tune.

Disco time : Jessie Ware Night Light Joe Goddard Remix

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Heard this tune on Anna Burns : Weekend Lunch : FBI Radio. She always brings the gold

Sunday Music – Caribou Melody Day (Four Tet Remix)

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Here’s one for a rainy sunday afternoon. Kind of a tease the way it never takes off, great tune.

Classic Electro – Modeselektor Monkey Town

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Tune of the day is on an electronic angle. This reminds me of those great 90s electronic artists like Plaid, Boards of Canada and Mouse on Mars. Great build up and layering.


Garage Classic : Roy Davis Jr. Gabrielle Featuring – Peven Everett

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Another soulful track for the end or the start of a garage house set. This one came about in the late 90’s, after hearing it as the sun was coming up at the Home nightclub in Sydney I dug it up on this compilation: Looks like it’s getting rare. $74 for a new one…


Tune for the end of a rocking party : Andres New for You

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I’m going to keep rolling on the SOTD posts and add a funky little tune I heard on my favorite deep house community radio program. Simon Caldwell’s Sunset on FBI.

This is a classic end of the night tune, smooth bassline nice little loop.