Crowd Sourced Music Video

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Neat idea via Monika for a crowd sourced music video, around 40K people have contributed so far. If you have a webcam you can throw your face C-Mon & Kypski’s music video

Everything is Rhythm

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And it all goes back to Africa.


Tetsuuuoo! Kaneeedaaaa!

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Epic Skateboard trip Sydney to the Gong

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Check this Aussie’s story of skateboarding from Sydney to Wollongong in 12 hours.

Too cool.

My Skate of Mind

via Hackers News

Sunset with Simon Caldwell Featuring Herbert

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If deep boogie mechanics sound appealing, put this radio show in your headphones. Each set is available on-demand, so there’s days of delicious back catalogue listening.

Mathew Herbert is currently touring downunder so part of this week’s show ran chronologically through some of his tunes under various aliases… Highlights : the sweet synth/ high-hat (77 mins into the show). Herbert – Shuffler [Phono, 1996]:

Followed by this little number from Doctor Rockit ‎– Café De Flore (2000) around 80 minutes in:

Sunset with Simon Caldwell plays on FBI Radio 96.9 in Sydney Australia, Monday evenings.

Buy it:

breakdancing 6 year old girl

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Check this b-girl in action at the CHELLES BATTLE Pro 2013 Baby Battle 1 vs 1.

She got the ‘tude. Tres bon.


Berlin Beatbox Battle World Championships Skiller vs Alem

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Boomph-chk-a WOW WOW

Check the face of the MC guy who introduces them while he listens intently to the mad beatboxing.

Who do you think deserved the crown? Nice vocal scratching at 6:40 oh and yeah the bit where Alem picks up the challenge to do 7/8 time signature. Madness.

Dragon House Dance

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Another mindblowing dance video featuring Marquese Nonstop Scott (in blue) and his Dragon House crew.

Lots of isolation, reversals, popping, locking and stuff that seems to bend the spacetime continuum. Love the hand-offs.

Previously: THATS How You Dance to Dubstep

via @grantlyndon

Great Kickstarter Pitch Videos : Tim Schafer from Double Fine

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That Neal Stephenson video is a classic. Kickstarter is getting more professional and competitive. I wonder if those VC guys really are nervous about crowdsourcing…? A thread started on Quora for the topic.

My favorite Kick Starter pitch vid so far from games industry veteran and ex LucasArts guy Tim Schafer great sense of humour and makes you feel like you’re almost going to be working with him on the project.

Both Stephenson AND Schafer made their targets on Kickstarter. Double Fine raised 3.3M when they only aimed for $400K and Stephenson scraped by with $526K of the $500K target. Venturebeat reported that Shafer is making a documentary of the Double Fine Adventure game with the additional Millions.

Kickstarter is a great platform for fans to vote with their dollars for awesome projects, it’s also the perfect way for indie personalities to leverage their popularity.

Double Fine Adventure Pitch Video

Ken Block visits San Francisco

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Nice circle work.

Push button for instant pizza : fridge magnet

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In a pitch-a-palooza we hold at least every year at work, one of the guys came up with “All I want to do is hit a button and BAM! my favorite food comes to me.” If pizza is your favorite, here you go

Read the full story at Mashable  via


Andrew Dickey – Black Bike in Melbourne

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Andrew Dickey riding freestyle through the streets of Melbourne. This is amazing. The height and insano distance Andrew Dickey gets in this video… incredible. Sweet track Attack Ships on Fire by Architect too…

The video is published as volume 1. Can’t wait for Vol. 2

World of Warcraft in Minecraft

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World of Warcraft on Minecraft

THATS How You Dance to Dubstep

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Marquese Scott - Pumped Up Kicks

I’ve looked closely and can’t see any tricks. Yet this is the kind of dancing that could never have been conceived without modern digital video production technology as a reference point. Note the extended reversal.

via @seancurtis

Video – How to Change the World – from Nutcase to Crowd Leader in 3 mins

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How does one person change a whole mass of people? This amazing video shows one man going from nutcase to leader of a large crowd in about three minutes.

As the commentary says, note the role of the first follower. This person changes a nutcase who is acting alone into a leader. The leader must adopt the first follower as an equal and not exert superiority. The first follower is also a kind of leader.

Interestingly it doesn’t seem to matter that the first follower is possibly mocking the lone nutcase, to me it’s not clear if this is happening actually, but that’s probably mostly thanks to the reaction of the leader. The leader adopts and includes the follower and the follower turns to call his friends.

At some point there is an inflection point where the non-conformance of the breakaway group becomes conformance to a new dominant behaviour. People not following start looking more conspicuous than the followers.

Please excuse the poor video quality, I think the raw capture of a real, unscripted social effect is worth putting up with a wobbly camera.

My favourite bit is the girl at the very end saying from off camera:

“How did he do that?”