Racer : A genuine new thing

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Since working on Racer and launching it a few people have said, ‘oh it’s like such and such a game’ but I’m yet to find something that is truely as unique as this AND is in a browser. Racer is a multi-player, multi-device Chrome Experiment. A retro-style slot car game played across screens. On phones or tablets, Android or iOS. Anyone can join. No apps. No downloads. Just the mobile web. It’s now up for The FWA Cutting Edge Project of the Year. If you think it deserves it please cast a vote!


And if you’re interested here’s the making of video which goes into detail on why it was so tricky to build.

Here’s Racer being demo’d at Google I/O 2013 – live demos are always nerve wracking, thankfully this one went smoothly.


Also awesome and cutting edge is that there’s also an installation version that runs on the same code base as the mobile game. The table was at Google I/O 2013 and another Google event ‘Zeitgeist’. Here’s a couple of pics of the table:


In addition to the table version, there are two flight case boxes containing a line up of mobile devices ready to play. This version also runs on the same code base. Here’s a pic of the cases and me demo’ing it at Cannes 2013 in the Google tent :



One final plug to get your vote on if you like it thanks!

World of Warcraft in Minecraft

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World of Warcraft on Minecraft

Deus Ex Machina Open on Venice Blvd in Los Angeles

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Can’t wait for this store to open. Custom motorcycles with surfboard racks, custom retro surfboards and single speed bikes. These guys just make and sell things they want in their own shed.

Their nearest competition will be Surfing Cowboys, about 1 mile away on Abbot Kinney Blvd but they don’t sell bikes. You’ll have to go to Bartel’s Harley Davidson further up Lincoln for one of those. Nearest single speed store would be LA Brakeless on Venice. The Deus site says the Venice location (AKA The House of Thump) will have a workshop and Stumptown coffee. Nice maneuver, Venice is screaming out for another good cafe.


Coming Soon : Deus Ex Machina LA

Future Deus Ex Machina Custom Motorcycle Cafe Location

I’ve snooped around the outside but you can’t see inside, looks like some construction but no indication on when it will open. The site, 1001 Venice Blvd on the corner of Venice and Lincoln, in Venice, used to be a Florist and has had that ‘Deus Postmodern Activities’ sign up for at least a year now… It’s about a 15 minute walk from the beach. At their Sydney store they run some surfboard swap meets in the vacant lot opposite. They also have another store in Bali with a cafe, custom Indonesian bikes and a cool blog.

New Dubstep T-Shirt for all Your Wub Wubs and Wow Wows

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Let’s be honest, when the drop comes, you want to be going mental to all those wub wubs and wow wows in the coolest gear possible.

So deep in our mountain retreat, the Strong Like Water brothers have brought to life our first bit of ‘merch’.

Behold the Wub Wub Dubstep T-Shirt:


We’ve kept the price way down on this, even though it may mean we will sell out quick (we don’t want everybody wearing it!):

$19.40 US

And with our biggest, baddest button, we compel thee to…

add to cart

Steve Jobs

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Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. 1955 – 2011

A sad day for technology and innovation, the Edison of our times moves on. A few people have put me on to this speech he made. Advice a lot of us know we should take but not everyone has the courage to make it happen.


Face Substitution

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Meme time. Kyle McDonald working with Face Tracking – very Aphex Twin.

Credits from Kyle’s vid to his work with Arturo Castro

FaceTracker library from Jason Saragih web.mac.com/​jsaragih/​FaceTracker/​FaceTracker.html
ofxFaceTracker addon github.com/​kylemcdonald/​ofxFaceTracker
openFrameworks openframeworks.cc/​


Timelapse Girl Takes a Photo Every Day for 4.5 Years

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Look at how her eyes stay fixed. She cuts her hair, she gets ready for parties, her mood changes but she always takes the photo. Every day for 4.5 years.

Michael Wolff, Graphic Designer

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