ASUS Motherboard Mayhem

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ASUS in Taipei were hooked on Autobot Stronghold so we built a special tower defence game just for them. Gamers have to defend the smokin’ ASUS P7P55D against a horde of evil hackers known as Chaos… Very nerdy & a very good game.

ASUS Motherboard Mayhem

Motherboard Mayhem in Game Play

Play Motherboard Mayhem here

LG Autobot Stronghold hits 10 million

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Neat cooperation between LG and Transformers II Revenge of the Fallen led to this cool tower defence game. 5 Million plays after only 7 weeks in the wild and still holding a steady 100,000 + plays per day. But wait! The hottest stat on this game is engagement, users are hanging out with LG and the Autobots for an average of 13 minutes per visit. In terms of engagement, how does ROI compare for a game like this with say a TVC..?

Autobot Stronghold Home

Autobot Stronghold Home

Eat your heart out Adnews who thought the game was ‘Slow to load’ amongst other critisicms. The crew over at the  Transformers wiki find the game “insanely addictive”.

Autobot Gameplay

Autobot Gameplay

Three months after the game went live, users started recording their own game play and posting Autbot Stonghold videos like this one:

Bloggers are posting about the game, one in Singapore and another in Brazil.

The Australian Whirlpool forum (Australian Internet and Tech)  ran hot with posts about the game.

The awesome stats got it nominated for an ADMA

Play Autobot Stronghold here

Marvel Games, Hulk and Iron Man

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Over three months we developed and released a series of games for Marvel. Their first foray into online games.

Hulk Central Smashdown

Hulk Central Smashdown Home

Hulk Central Smashdown Gameplay. Go here to play the game.

Hulk Central Smashdown Game Play

Hulk Bad Altitude

Hulk Bad Altitude Home

Play Hulk Bad Altitude here.

Hulk Bad Altitude Game Play

Iron Man Armory Assault

Iron Man Armory Assault Intro

Iron Man Armory Assault Game Play. Check out the game on the Marvel site.

Iron Man Armory Assault Game Play

Iron Man Flight Test

Iron Man Flight Test Intro

Iron Man Flight Test Game Play. We’ve since done a Flight Test 2, but FT1 is still available to play.

Iron Man Flight Test Game Play

Cornetto’s No Boring Bits with Terry ‘Chop Chop’

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One of my earlier projects at Soap was to bring this site and media up to launch while other crew were on leave. More about the site is at Soap home base.

Cornetto No Boring Bits with Terry Chop Chop

Rexona Ricky’s Million Ball Mission

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My first project at Soap with this awesome campaign that saw Rexona give away 1 million balls to schools charities & sports fanatics across Australia. Solid co-operation between al agencies involved lead to some very encouraging results for Rexona.

Rickys Million Ball Mission Loader

Filming Australias Cricket Captain Ricky Ponting pretending to cop one where it hurts in a green screen studio for the sites games was definitely a highlight.

Rexona Ricky's Million Ball Mission Cricket Game

An archived version of the site with all the games is available here.

FOX International Meet Dave the movie

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One of our earlier green screen tests from our studio, a very cool little project. Great little cleaners on the landing page of the site which has three games, one of which has to be the sweetest pinball game around. Even managed to squeeze some snot jokes in.

Meet Dave Home Page

And the hottest pinball game EVER! Translated into 15 languages – oh yes.

Meet Dave Pinball Game

Play Meet Dave Pinball here.