Do Really Big Crazy Things

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Interview with radically successful venture capitalist investor and ex-Facebook exec, Chamath Palihapitiya about going big and crazy when it comes to technology startups. Oh and learn how to code.

Great Kickstarter Pitch Videos : Tim Schafer from Double Fine

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That Neal Stephenson video is a classic. Kickstarter is getting more professional and competitive. I wonder if those VC guys really are nervous about crowdsourcing…? A thread started on Quora for the topic.

My favorite Kick Starter pitch vid so far from games industry veteran and ex LucasArts guy Tim Schafer great sense of humour and makes you feel like you’re almost going to be working with him on the project.

Both Stephenson AND Schafer made their targets on Kickstarter. Double Fine raised 3.3M when they only aimed for $400K and Stephenson scraped by with $526K of the $500K target. Venturebeat reported that Shafer is making a documentary of the Double Fine Adventure game with the additional Millions.

Kickstarter is a great platform for fans to vote with their dollars for awesome projects, it’s also the perfect way for indie personalities to leverage their popularity.

Double Fine Adventure Pitch Video

Australians in digital the USA via SXSW

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An interesting report about Australians breaking into the US market in tech. It’s generally critical of the Australian governments support of local tech industries. There is support via AusTrade for Aussie businesses to enter the US market but the report suggests we should be building our own Silicon Valley in in Australia. But should we really be competing with the US in that respect, or just get better at leveraging it through partenerships..?

The report should at least check out Atlassian for Aussie tech successes, they are completely home grown and had huge success globally. They’ve won awards but I wonder whether AusTrade helped them get there..?

My ugly mug is around 9:30

Startups Pitch Parody: Too funny to be wrong

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No brand cuffs.

Samurai or Rice Picker?

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If you were in an entrepreneurship class and a successful millionaire asked you whether you want to be a samurai, being truly free to execute on your dreams and achieve greatness, or to pick rice all day and only make a small part of someone else’s dream come true, what would you choose?

This is the opening question of Jason Calacanis, TechCrunch 50 co-founder and CEO of Mahalo, to a class of 50 Penn State University students when prompted unprepared to talk on entrepreneurship.

Jedi Knight or Drone?

… I train people to be Jedi Knights. I need my light sabre. Emily, get my light sabre please.

Jason Calacanis annoyed me when I first started watching his video podcast This Week In Startups. He seemed too self-absorbed and often spoke over his guests, telling his own story of succerss and sharing his own thoughts more than letting his guests speak.

But after watching for a while I’ve warmed to him. He is a bit grating sometimes but it’s his shoot-from-the-hip style that ultimately endears him.

This 30 minute bonus episode is the best one yet, not to mention the shortest. Jason covers the ups and downs of his past startups including weblogs inc, publishers of engadget and joystiq which he sold to AOL for a rumored 30 megabux.

Actually, though it is a little rough and unrehearsed, it’s pretty inspiring!