Ableton Push Shipped Globally Without Geolocking

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Finally! I’ve been waiting for Amazon to stock this awesome digital music instrument. And what’s more you don’t need to worry about using a service like ShipItTo just to get it delivered to Australia.

The thing is magical. It has multiple key layout options for 64 pressure sensitive and velocity sensitive keys. You can set up scales so that you can’t hit a wrong note and you can use it to program drum patterns in the step sequencer. What I think is particularly great is you can do all this without touching the computer. The software, Ableton Live can be used for DJing, composition or live performance, controllerism style.

A lot of products that have standing agreements with local distributors will not be shipped globally by Amazon. This is usually because they can’t or choose not to pay the distributor fees for all those regions. Frequently there are contractual constraints for online retailers that make no sense in the internet age. Well Ableton presumably doesn’t have this huge network of distributors mouths to feed as hardware products are still a new product area for them. Software sales thankfully are often more sane, though famously to many Australians, not universally so.

The price is $599 on Amazon, about $100 cheaper than local retailers. Shipping for me is $28. My guess is it would cost more to get it delivered from a local retailer than from Amazon in the US.

I’m so getting one.

One Comment on “Ableton Push Shipped Globally Without Geolocking”

  1. 1 Tim Moore said at 6:17 pm on April 8th, 2013:

    I ordered one directly from Ableton on the week after it became available. It’s still showing me a 16+ week shipping time!

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