Aeolian Garden House

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Here’s another Kaossilator 2 Jam. Like the others, it has no edits or post-processing, just one take.

I think this is a satisfying constraint because the Kaossilator 2 is really an instrument as opposed to a “workstation” or any other kind of production tool. It Can’t really be said to support “editing”, so while it does enable “composition” through successively capturing loops, and while it has some drum patterns and a gate arpeggiator which enable beat-precise notes and drum sounds, it is generally unforgiving of mistakes (no undo) and its limits are regarded as severe, for example, the loop length maxes out at 8 beats, ruling out most chord-progression style jams.

So freestyling is a good way to get the visceral sound qualities but also to avoid the trap of endless tweaking and perfecting note position, effects chains and tune composition that a full DAW seems to invite.

Unfortunately the video and audio are slightly out of sync which is super annoying considering I captured them together, it seems they only diverged after Youtube’s video processing step. I’ll have to look into that because video and audio sync has been a persistent challenge for me.

If you have any tips for this please leave a comment below.

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  1. 1 Nik.C said at 12:21 pm on December 23rd, 2014:

    Just ordered myself a Koassilator 2, having had fun with the original version ( before selling it to fund a camera) I’m really looking forward to exploiting the mic functions, which opens up plenty of more avenues, linking it with an iPhone or ipad, even vocal loops.
    While it may be limited with only 8 bars ( the Kaossilator 1 could be “hacked” to 16 so maybe there will be one for this?) it’s limitations can be liberating, as I know from experience, too much choice can be overwhelming.
    Also this might be a fun way of introducing kids to the joys of making sounds/loops/music, as it takes only the ability to tap on a touch pad to create something.
    I have the iKaossilitor ap on my ipad, and hardly use it, but having something small, portable, easy to use that fits in the hand, got far more use.

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