Beatbox Beardyman and Nathan Flutebox Lee at Google

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Another incredible set, dipping into two of the UK’s top er.. x-boxers? No that’s not right.

Well a “flute boxer” and a beat boxer walk into a bar and .. nah. maybe not.

I hope this sounds alright. We got here with an hour and a half to spare to sound check… and then someone… touched the dial. crowd groans

This is a pale shadow of a fragment of a mere slither of a hint of what you can expect:

  • The Night Rider theme song (OMG!)
  • James Brown! Oww!
  • Hip hop beatboxing
  • Bird flying high (you know how I feel) – amazing
  • Drum and bass (duh) “I think it made it as far as New Zealand”
  • You were always on my mind (listen for the fart noise (really))
  • 1927’s 80s pop classic “Take on Me”, the Beardyman Break mix (yo)
  • Marlon Brando as the Godfather and flute
  • David Attenborough commentary (with incredible bird noises)
  • Bangra style duet
  • Classic R&B with beautifully rendered vocal vinyl scratching
  • Walking double bass
  • Oh my got they had to do Beasty Boys “Flute Loop”

And all that is great and everything. But shouldn’t all those programmers get back to typing in zeroes and ones? </jealous>

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