Kitchen Table Techno

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Make your own music! One thing I’m conscious of these days is how much of my time is spent consuming what other people make compared to the time I spend making my own stuff. If I exclude “the day job” which is actually making stuff for other people in exchange for money, I wonder what the percentage of each really is.

So here’s a Kaossilator Jam I just made, Kitchen Table Techno. Strictly speaking, it’s not really techno… more of a megamix maybe, but it’s definitely a kitchen table and it was all made in one sitting with no edits on the little Kaossilator 2. Some disapprovingly call it a toy, but I call it a toy and fully approve 🙂



Please let me know what you think of it in the comments.

So much of modern western civilisation focuses on the economics of mass consumption, but I prefer to focus on the economics of mass creation! This doesn’t mean I think we should all be subsistence hermits, but what is a healthy ratio?

Making stuff expands your skills of self-sufficiency and it adds value to the world. Making is a form of discovery and a path to mastery.

The maker movement is a trend that picks up the trail of DIY Culture and I see it as a good example of a restorative and enriching trend in the world today. It’s the most literal form of productive culture I know.

As one of my heroes, Alan Kay, says, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

What do you think is a healthy ratio of making to consuming?

4 Comments on “Kitchen Table Techno”

  1. 1 Rob Interface said at 9:35 am on October 5th, 2014:

    This is an awesome mix! Well done!

  2. 2 Christo said at 6:11 pm on October 6th, 2014:

    Thanks Rob! I’m checking out your soundcloud now.

    I could memorise the program numbers I could switch between instruments quicker and with a little practice tighten it all up.

  3. 3 Tim Moore said at 5:17 pm on November 11th, 2014:

    This is great, Chris. I struggle with this question all the time.

    Part of it is that it takes a lot of work to produce something as good as what I consume! When I sit down at a tool like Ableton, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the limitless possibilities and lose the creative energy.

    I have one of the original Kaossilators, but it has mostly sat in a box unused. It’s even more of a toy than this version, but that hasn’t stopped some people from doing incredible things with it

    You’ve inspired me to take it out of its box and try for some happy accidents.

  4. 4 Christo said at 6:48 pm on November 11th, 2014:

    Cool, Tim! Let me know if you upload anything.

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