Test Your Sub-bass on You and I by Pangaea

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Originally published on Hessle in 2008, this is absolutely the best thing for clearing the bugs and dust out of the bass bins. At decent volumes, this bassline is probably fairly good at unscrewing any nuts and bolts not glued in place.

The magic kicks in at 0:58 so crank and brace yourself.

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Protip: if you want a good sound out of a youtube clip, make sure you use HD videos. The audio quality is generally matched to the video quality.

I’m listening to this right now on a pair of Shure SRH440 closed headphones which I can highly recommend for the price as long as your ears are not particularly big or protuberant (unfortunately mine are both).

If your budget or ears are bigger, you might go for these:

But then again, for working in a distracting environment or long flights, I’m most impressed by these:

In the interests of full disclosure, if you follow my advice and/or links on these headphones I stand to get a kickback and that would be much appreciated.

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