Brian Fitzy – Virtuoso Live Looping – Valerie

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Brian Fitzy starts this jam out with a straight-up acoustic guitar song but by half way has built up half a dozen layers including electric violin and decent beatboxing. Don’t quit out before you get to the good stuff. Nice breakdown too.

Berlin Beatbox Battle World Championships Skiller vs Alem

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Boomph-chk-a WOW WOW

Check the face of the MC guy who introduces them while he listens intently to the mad beatboxing.

Who do you think deserved the crown? Nice vocal scratching at 6:40 oh and yeah the bit where Alem picks up the challenge to do 7/8 time signature. Madness.

Beatbox Beardyman and Nathan Flutebox Lee at Google

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Another incredible set, dipping into two of the UK’s top er.. x-boxers? No that’s not right.

Well a “flute boxer” and a beat boxer walk into a bar and .. nah. maybe not.

I hope this sounds alright. We got here with an hour and a half to spare to sound check… and then someone… touched the dial. crowd groans

This is a pale shadow of a fragment of a mere slither of a hint of what you can expect:

  • The Night Rider theme song (OMG!)
  • James Brown! Oww!
  • Hip hop beatboxing
  • Bird flying high (you know how I feel) – amazing
  • Drum and bass (duh) “I think it made it as far as New Zealand”
  • You were always on my mind (listen for the fart noise (really))
  • 1927’s 80s pop classic “Take on Me”, the Beardyman Break mix (yo)
  • Marlon Brando as the Godfather and flute
  • David Attenborough commentary (with incredible bird noises)
  • Bangra style duet
  • Classic R&B with beautifully rendered vocal vinyl scratching
  • Walking double bass
  • Oh my got they had to do Beasty Boys “Flute Loop”

And all that is great and everything. But shouldn’t all those programmers get back to typing in zeroes and ones? </jealous>

Beatbox Dubstep

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“… and if there’s another beat boxer… they don’t have to speak English. You can have a conversation.”

Beatbox Chef

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I think this is Beardyman. Is this Beardyman? Beardyman is this you? Ahhh. I nearly urinated in my pantaloons – that’s how funny this is.

via Brad Baker