Minecraft Within Minecraft Redstone Circuit

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Hans Lemurson has managed to do that seemingly impossible self-reflexive stunt that all computer science students joked about once the first freaks began building a working computer within Minecraft by using redstone circuitry. “Ho ho, wouldn’t it be cool if you could build a computer out of redstone circuits in Minecraft that was able to run Minecraft! chortle chortle, hee hee.

Well since someone had already built a version of the game of Pong, Hans figured that some kind of Minecraft might not be impossible to create…

… and then he disappeared for some time.

When he re-emerged from his troll cave, Hans had constructed a 2D 8×8 pixel version of single-play Minecraft with mutable world pixels, player pixel and even turn-based gravity! He’s even managed to include a means to build Jump Towers!

It’s not perfect though. It doesn’t have bacon.