Listen to Orson Throb

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Orson-ThrobWhat we have here is a mix by Orson Throb of what I have always known as Ambient Dub. It’s a healthy dose of fresh minimal tech dub and misty high-altitude ambient electronica for your ears and your soul. He calls it “Some Everyday Things”. Well it’s not every day you hear something this good.

Walking down George Street, listening to this in my luscious noise cancelling headphones (Bose QC-15’s, not cheap but absolutely the best noise cancelling money can buy), I felt fully transported to another place.

It was a peaceful, compelling place. Calm yet insistent. Soothing yet stimulating. Focused, yet open wide. Like a week in a cottage on a deserted beach with your favourite people. Just enough time to forget yourself so you can remember who you really are. Clear blue skies, warm sun and cool afternoon breeze. Bleached driftwood. Salt spray. Sitting in the white sand eating hamburgers for lunch.

This music is sublime. But also, they’re really good headphones.

Witness The Fitness One Hope Dub Mix

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Witness this classic Roots Manuva track, on the version “Folkloric”, lovingly dubified by Dub Folk.

via @fbiradio

Palindrom – Northbound (Dub Version)

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Awesome stripped back minimal techno dub has always been a style I love. Monolake, Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound are stand outs.

If you like that, check out this one from Palindrom. Monster production. Enough said.