Hot Hand Bass Guitar Dubstep Wobbles Update

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A while ago we blogged about masterful bassist Nathan Navarro producing some pretty dope dubstep wobbles live on a bass guitar. At the time, Nathan was using the Source Audio Hot Hand which a lot of our visitors have been particularly interested in.

In case you don’t know, the Hot Hand is just like a guitar pedal, except that you can activate it by moving your hand. But it’s better than that. If you want to continuously change an effect, like a Wah Pedal, you can use it to modulate the sound. Of course the sound doesn’t just have to be a Wah Wah, and it works great for a lead guitar as well.

Better than that, you can actually control two parameters at once, so, really it’s more like a 2D control surface like a laptop trackpad. Being a modern control, you can choose what parameters you control, so it’s no surprise that Nathan manages to pump out some serious wub wubs and wow wows.

Great news for anyone who has been holding out before getting one of these babies, since our previous post there is a new version, the Hot Hand 3. It’s compatible with everything, has a huge wireless range and gives more options and more control than the earlier versions.

Check it now:

As Nathan demonstrates, you can have the Hot Hand on the headstock of the guitar or bass and move the whole guitar to generate an effect, or you can have the Hot Hand ring on which allows hand movements to do the same… or, if you’re Nathan Navarro, both at once!

Proper Bass – Gorilla Force by Distance

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What’s that growl? Is it a bear? Load your weapon, it’s Gorilla Force
by Distance, DJ producer from the UK, by way of the future and the massive jungles of outer space.

Get this up ya!

New Music by Sibot – Magnet Jam

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Here’s a new track for you kids. This is sort of dubstep trap grime whatever style.

How sick is this dubstep?

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Answer: This dubstep is somewhat/rather/irretrievably sick.

This track is Gorilla Force by Distance, a UK DJ and producer who also runs the label Chestplate. I recommend checking out the podcast here:

Dragon House Dance

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Another mindblowing dance video featuring Marquese Nonstop Scott (in blue) and his Dragon House crew.

Lots of isolation, reversals, popping, locking and stuff that seems to bend the spacetime continuum. Love the hand-offs.

Previously: THATS How You Dance to Dubstep

via @grantlyndon

Test Your Sub-bass on You and I by Pangaea

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Originally published on Hessle in 2008, this is absolutely the best thing for clearing the bugs and dust out of the bass bins. At decent volumes, this bassline is probably fairly good at unscrewing any nuts and bolts not glued in place.

The magic kicks in at 0:58 so crank and brace yourself.

Buy You and I by Pangaea MP3

Protip: if you want a good sound out of a youtube clip, make sure you use HD videos. The audio quality is generally matched to the video quality.

I’m listening to this right now on a pair of Shure SRH440 closed headphones which I can highly recommend for the price as long as your ears are not particularly big or protuberant (unfortunately mine are both).

If your budget or ears are bigger, you might go for these:

But then again, for working in a distracting environment or long flights, I’m most impressed by these:

In the interests of full disclosure, if you follow my advice and/or links on these headphones I stand to get a kickback and that would be much appreciated.

Classic Dubstep by Headhunter – Sushi Brain

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Check out the wub wubs and the wow wows on this one! This is immense.

Dubstep Track by Clueless – Collateral

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Here’s a grimy crunk-laiden dubstep thing. Get it up ya.


THATS How You Dance to Dubstep

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Marquese Scott - Pumped Up Kicks

I’ve looked closely and can’t see any tricks. Yet this is the kind of dancing that could never have been conceived without modern digital video production technology as a reference point. Note the extended reversal.

via @seancurtis

Dubstep Baby

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This baby is getting filthy with the dubstep… and the chilli.

There are other dubstep babies, sure. Babies have a natural affinity with both grime and wobbles. But this baby is truly feeling it.. you can see it in her face.

Skrillex Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites on Acoustic Guitar

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Like attracts like. My good friend Dan Rosen (who is not merely very interesting to talk to) hit me with a link to this the other day and I have been debating whether to tip the Strong Like Water ship one more notch towards Skrillex’ direction and relay it to you my subscribers.

As you can see by this cute acoustic version of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, I have won the debate and so have you:

You can download that from the artist’s facebook page (for the grand price of one like) here:

Skrillex Sample Yes Oh My Gosh

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Skrillex dubstep has featured fairly heavily on this site in the past week. In fact our server nearly melted when Skrillex retweeted us. 390,000 followers will do that. So I thought it might be a good time to share a cool sample discovery that had me laughing out loud. The sample has really strange origins that you would never guess.

Readers will know Skrillex’s Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites – if not, get it 🙂

The track features a really high energy sample right before the drop. This is characteristic of this kind of dubstep – a style some people love and others hate. The sample is of a girl screaming “YES! OH MY GOSH!”. Then the drop goes wild with bitcrushed, modulated bass wobbles.

I always wondered what was going on in that sample, what was the story behind it? Was everyone OK? Some of these samples turn me off this kind of dubstep – they’re frequently apocalyptic emergency sounding exclamations. I don’t like the thought of reliving someone’s life-threatening experience – even if it’s only a sample from a movie.

In this case the girl is real, Rachael Nedrow from the USA and she is a world champion Cup Stacker. Yes. That’s right. It’s a sport. You stack cups really fast. Yes you read that right.

I know.

There’s no denying she is fast, and she’s enthusiastic. The apocalypse in this case is her reaction to beating her own best record for a set cup stacking routine (called a “cycle”). Absolutely sound sample worthy.

Here she is, “united at last” with Skrillex in full sync.

How to Perform Dubstep Wobbles on a Live Bass Guitar

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OK so after my post on the excellent version of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites, I discovered the method the bass player uses to achieve the characteristic dubstep wub wub wub bass wobbles on an electric bass guitar.

Thanks all those people who emailed me to tell me what it was – many of you were even correct!

But before I give away the technique, here’s a closer look at the dubstep action live:

That’s Nathan Navarro performing there and he’s using the Source Audio Hot Hand.

I’m sure it won’t come as a complete surprise that just buying the Hot Hand will not alone make you play as well as Nathan. But it looks like a lot of wub wubbing fun to me.

Live Skrillex Dubstep Performed by Pin Panelle

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This band has performs Skrillex’s dubstep hit Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
 so faithfully it’s freaky.



You have to admire their attention to detail. If anything though, I think it’s too close to the original but it’s an excellent yet simple video showing how they achieve this with live instruments. The bass wobble control is an interesting piece of tech I’ll have to look into. The filters seem to be modulated by the little blue thing on the bass player’s thumb. Is that a bluetooth theremin midi control or what? If anyone knows speak up.


Update: I found out how they did it: How to Perform Dubstep Bass Wobbles

New Dubstep T-Shirt for all Your Wub Wubs and Wow Wows

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Let’s be honest, when the drop comes, you want to be going mental to all those wub wubs and wow wows in the coolest gear possible.

So deep in our mountain retreat, the Strong Like Water brothers have brought to life our first bit of ‘merch’.

Behold the Wub Wub Dubstep T-Shirt:


We’ve kept the price way down on this, even though it may mean we will sell out quick (we don’t want everybody wearing it!):

$19.40 US

And with our biggest, baddest button, we compel thee to…

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