Acoustic Guitar MIDI Mod

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Check this out!

ACPAD – World’s First Wireless MIDI Controller for Acoustic Guitar. The perfect bridge between electronic and acoustic music!

The ACPAD allows players to blend both acoustic and electronic sounds with FX and assignable tap pads. Create whatever sound you want with ACPAD. It is strong, flexible and offers a new world of creativity you have been looking for. ACPAD is an electronic orchestra in your hands!

Look for this project on KickStarter.

via my mate @chuparkoff

Busking Virtuoso Estas Tonne

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Is Hugh Jackman, Estas Tonne’s Twin Brother?

This is my first exposure to Estas Tonne. Maybe he is Hugh Jackman’s long lost twin or what.

Watch his face. Now watch the crowd’s faces. He is transporting them to another place.

Classical purists might not be totally on board but this is exactly the sort of impassioned, accessible creativity that inspires me. It’s been a long time but that look of total absorption reminds me of the feeling I always followed when practicing guitar: being lost in the vibe improvisation.

The incense wedged in the guitar headstock is an interesting touch.

Aphex Twin Girl Boy on Guitar

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Andrew Flanders appears to be practicing Aphex Twin covers on acoustic guitar. An ex-rock guitarist, he’s challenging himself by playing technical music like this, practicing his finger work. A self-confessed lover of Aphex Twin’s music, this time he capably delivers an incredible take on Girl/Boy from the gorgeous Richard D. James Album.

Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsalm on Guitar

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Long time readers will know we’ve covered the steel drum version, now hear a very capable and quite nicely played steel string acoustic version of electronic wunderkind Aphex Twin’s beautiful melodic array that is Alberto Balsalm

The harmonics are ingenious. Boy can play!