World of Warcraft in Minecraft

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World of Warcraft on Minecraft

Bending Space and Time with Portal Mashups

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So you know Portal, the little game that in everybody’s eyes single handedly created the genre “first person physics puzzler”. The much anticipated Portal 2 was released in 2011 and ever since, the portal gun meme has infected many games and popular culture.

We’ve blogged about the Super Mario Portal Mashup previously. And because portal guns are the bacon of video games – making everything better – why not start with the portal concept and mash it up with time dilation and discontinuity effects such as those that form the game mechanics in “Snapshot”?
Why not indeed?

Here’s Super Fun Dungeon Run:

You take photos which can be placed and then become portals that you can walk through, teleporting you like portals, to the position they were taken but with the crucial addition that they also hold time still until you enter them. Or until things exit from them! Ready to freak out?

And here’s 2d platformer Snapshot:

Which uses the snapshot mechanic in a way that brings to mind the incredible time-direction-reversing, lush, painterly Braid :

Is there no end to Portal Mashups? Not yet. There’s even a Minecraft Portal Mashup:

Those indie kids!

Minecraft Piston Powered Monorail

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Minecraft redstone creation videos are always trying to one-up each other. The nerdcore amongst us compete to take the crown for fastest or most compact implementation of some kind of machine – or to build something everyone before had assumed was impossible.

With this in mind, I introduce you to toasttify’s Piston Powered Monorail. Give it up for toasttify!! woo!

So obviously there are much smaller ways to do this… but this looks FREAKIN AWESOME

I concur.

Minecraft Within Minecraft Redstone Circuit

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Hans Lemurson has managed to do that seemingly impossible self-reflexive stunt that all computer science students joked about once the first freaks began building a working computer within Minecraft by using redstone circuitry. “Ho ho, wouldn’t it be cool if you could build a computer out of redstone circuits in Minecraft that was able to run Minecraft! chortle chortle, hee hee.

Well since someone had already built a version of the game of Pong, Hans figured that some kind of Minecraft might not be impossible to create…

… and then he disappeared for some time.

When he re-emerged from his troll cave, Hans had constructed a 2D 8×8 pixel version of single-play Minecraft with mutable world pixels, player pixel and even turn-based gravity! He’s even managed to include a means to build Jump Towers!

It’s not perfect though. It doesn’t have bacon.

Poor Guys House Burns Down in Minecraft

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It was supposed to be a simple demonstration of how to make a fireplace in your house. It became much more than that. In fact after several million youtube views, it’s pretty much become “how NOT to make a fireplace in your house”.

Don’t try this at your minecraft home, kids.

Minecraft 1.8 Video Preview by Notch

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Wooo! Getting excited. Minecraft 1.8 will be out within a couple of weeks according to mighty creator, Notch. In this preview from PAX, he demos many of the new features.

He also goes on to explain how the feature list for 1.8 became too large and Mojang has decided to split it into two releases, one that will become 1.9. This is good news because it means that 1.9 is already begun and 1.8 is soon upon us.

Some of the features demoed:

  • Creative mode
  • NPC Villages, little towns with little automatic people getting busy in them
  • New effects for explosions, lighting (including brightness control) and fighting.
  • New larger and more pronounced biomes
  • New terrain such as Rivers, Ravines and Plains
  • New Monster! Creepier than a creeper: The Enderman. Harmless until you look at them. They teleport towards you and can pick up blocks!
  • Experience points – though they have no effect yet
  • Hunger – you need to eat regularly even if you’re not damaged
  • Sprinting – short bursts of speed

This all amounts to a lot of excited little minecrafters who can’t wait and are counting down the sleeps until 1.8 is released. GO NOTCH!

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