Old Media on the Internet in 1993

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Bill Cameron has this report on the growing phenomenon called “Internet”.

In 1993, the Internet was on an explosive growth curve that has to a large extent lived up to the hype that many of us hoped it would back then.

It seemed more democratic than traditional media.

The current word for that is “social media” and though it’s been overused and seems at times to be a term defined too narrowly – denoting interpersonal chatter. As an aside I think it’s quite a good term at heart, at least to the extent that it implies that the alternative is an antisocial media: centralised, with high barriers to entry, closely guarded and scarce broadcast spectrum resources, single points of failure (and of editorial or censorial control) and the inescapable agendas of large commercial operations

Newspapers, magazines, television programs have started to take notice…

Oh have they?

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like many of those older media have been paying much attention over the past two decades.