Ableton Major Lazer Tutorial

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I’ve been following a lot of tutorials on how to use Ableton Live, the most popular and flexible music producer’s software today. Officially it’s only one of many in the category of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). This is like saying Photoshop is a Digital Graphical Workstation. It’s a lame term to me.

Anyway Ableton version 9 is pretty new and many tutorials are covering the new features. One category of tutorials which are pretty useful for learning specific skills and understanding commonly used production techniques is when a well-known tune is disassembled and recreated from scratch.

The great thing about these tutorials is that they are forced to cover the full range of techniques used to produce a whole track. Other tutorials might focus exclusively on compression or mastering or EQ or particular plugins. It’s good to have a bit of each.

Here’s a fairly accessible two part tutorial which focuses on how to reproduce several main musical parts of Major Lazer’s incredible track Get Free, if you don’t know it, go watch the Get Free video clip now. It’s so fantastic.

Now, check the tutorial:

and part 2: